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  • We have an in-house state of the art full service dental laboratory, providing consistent quality products and services to our patients.

  • Teeth Whitening, also referred to as Dental Bleaching, is a procedure which helps reverse the discoloration of teeth.

  • Implants are posts or cylinders, which are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaws where they function as a sturdy anchor for replacement teeth.

  • As our daily lives seem busier and faster-paced than ever, one phrase comes to mind: The future is now. Children’s oral healthcare habits today will have an impact on their health as an adult.

  • A crown is a dental restoration that covers or ‘caps’, A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces or ‘bridges’.

  • Panoramic (OPG) X-Ray, Cephalogram, Intraoral Periapical X-Ray, Occlusal X-Ray, T.M. Joints X-Ray, Implant planning, 3D imaging, 3D reconstruction of maxilla mandible (Dentascan)

  • India is favored as one of the best dental tourism destinations for its quality dental treatments at comparatively low price.

  • Braces are now easier than ever, whether the patient is a child or an adult, and often is more comfortable and takes less time than it did years ago.

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  • When I lost 4 of my frontal teeth in an accident, I was much worried how it would deter my looks and ability to speak clearly. But many thanks to Green Park Dental Institute and their expertise with Dental Implant procedure that they implanted absolutely naturally looking teeth that even I cannot differentiate. And yes my look remains unchanged and I can speak without a glitch.

    — Shashank Vaidya
  • I take this chance to thank and wish God’s blessings to knowledgeable dental specialist of Green Park Dental Institute who eased my impatience about the dental implant procedure for which I came a long way from Mexico to India. I have got everything in place (I had lost my 4 frontal upper teeth during an adventure trip in Africa) and now I am planning to explore this beautiful country.

    — Munoz Cavallini
  • I had sensitive tooth or so I thought whenever I was in pain after gorging on my favorite ice-cream. I tried some of the products for sensitive teeth and consulted a couple of dentists but it was only at Green Park Dental Institute that I came to know that I will have to go through dental implant as 3 of my upper teeth are damaged beyond repair. Now, thanks to Green Park Dental Institute that I can dig in ice-creams whenever I want and that too without fear of any pain.

    — Meenal Sah
  • There was a time when I literally hated the ‘LOL’ expressions because of my protruding teeth. I could have got them corrected through braces but my teeth set were not even; but thanks to Green Park Dental Institute where I got my teeth set corrected and now I wear my smile all throughout the day.

    — Shima

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