Besides cosmetic reasons, there are a variety of consequences associated with surviving with missing teeth or gaps in your dental cavity. Not only will this influence how you look, but it also impacts how other people perceive you in social and professional situations. All of this comes together to impact your self esteem and most importantly your oral health.

For most people, a missing tooth that is not in other people’s line of vision is reason even to prolong a replacement treatment. However, with a variety of oral health risks associated with missing teeth, it is important to consider implants or replacements to avoid decay and other complications.

Most orthodontics and dental experts cannot overstate how important it is for one to correct a missing tooth situation for the sake of holistic oral comfort and bodily wellness.

What is a Tooth Implant?

Orthodontics commonly involves the use of tooth implants that consist of titanium screws that play the role of roots for your new teeth. These screws are attached to ceramic crowns that are designed for durability. By fixing them permanently into your jaw you can consider it to be a successful implantation procedure.

Do I need to Get my Missing Teeth Replaced?

There are a variety of reasons behind why patients choose to, or doctor dental experts recommend tooth implants.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Considering how tooth implants look and feel just like your natural teeth, they immediately become a permanent fixture in your jaw. Since they can be easily fused with bone, this procedure is a great way to get your smile back.

  • Enhanced Comfort

Especially for older people who have lost all their teeth, these implants provide a lot more comfort when compare to removable dentures. Their permanent nature allows you to carry on with routine life like you did when you had natural teeth.

  • Improvement in Speech

Your teeth play an important role in facilitating effective speech. As badly fit dentures tend to slip within your mouth, your speech too will result in a slur or mumbles. With permanently installed replacements, you will be able to speak naturally without experiencing any slips.

  • Eating Easily

Missing teeth and sliding dentures make simple tasks such as chewing to be quite challenging. Your implants act as your natural teeth making it easy for you to go ahead and chew on your favorite foods without risking your digestive system.

  • Convenience of Permanent Teeth

Removal dentures demand significant attention with regards to maintenance. By installing implants, you are able to go back to taking the same kind of care of your replacements as you did with your natural teeth.

  • Durability

Implants are a lot more durable provided you are able to take good care of them. For most patients, these tend to last for a lifetime.

  • Bringing back your Self Esteem

Considering how missing teeth can impact your self esteem, having implants plays a significant role in regaining your gorgeous smile and boosting your confidence levels.

  • Overall Health and Oral Hygiene

Since most of your natural teeth are left intact during implants, pursuing this procedure plays a significant role in maintain overall oral and personal health. In sufficient oral care can often lead to a variety of other heart and chronic conditions. Implants allow you to prevent such unfortunate contingencies in the long run.

By replacing your missing teeth, you can avail more benefits that you can list down in a lifetime. By getting in touch with a reputed dentist in South Delhi, you can make sure you regain your smile, your facial appearance and your health!

Green Park Dental Clinic offers  cost-effective and quality dental implants in South Delhi.

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