Regular Dental Checkups for Healthier Teeth and Gums

The benefits of healthy teeth are numerous, from the mouth to the entire body. Healthy teeth reflect good vitality and leaves behind a positive impact on people around us. However, to maintain a healthy set of teeth, it is important to take precautions and give attention towards it. An ideal visit to the dentist should […]

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Home kitchen remedies to prevent tooth decay

Oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked facets of human health. Most people neglect the early symptoms of tooth decay which leads to serious dental problems that sometimes become irreparable. Are you having a bleeding gum or are your teeth feeling hypersensitive? All kinds of dental issues must be diagnosed immediately and regular dental […]

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Top 5 Benefits of a Regular Dental Check-Up

You may be brushing your teeth once or twice a day, but is it enough to keep them healthy? The question remains of paramount importance. To find an answer to it we must consider the different aspects of keeping our teeth healthy. Whilst at the same time, we should consider the benefits of a regular […]

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History of Oral and Dental Hygiene

Oral and Dental Hygiene practices refer to both preventive and therapeutic care that has evolved through critical thinking and evidence-based decision making for many years. Access to all types of oral health management treatments today is easy, less painful and also very reliable. But what was the plight thousands of years ago when the medical […]

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What makes a Good Dentist

Most people fear going to a dentist because they believe that a dentist who’s a complete stranger might not connect well with them and hastily perform a treatment which may worsen their dental situation. Well their philosophy is correct to a certain extent. Ever wondered what qualities a good dentist possesses? Favorite dentists usually possess […]

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Braces can benefit individuals of all ages
braces treatment in South Delhi

When asked about benefits of braces from orthodontists, they provide an explanation that braces can help properly align and correct an individual’s bite, the way the teeth in the upper and lower jaw fit together, so that the teeth don’t excessively thin out. In an ideal bite usually 10-20% of teeth overlap each other. The […]

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Green Park Dental: Hub of the Best Dentists in Delhi

Teeth are the important part of your personality. Shining white teeth in a proper alignment enhance your overall personality. People are ready to do anything for the ‘diamond attraction,’ and this craze for perfect teeth has worked as fuel for the dental health industry. Talking of Delhi, there are many dental care organizations offering a […]

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Braces: The Best Way to a Healthy Smile

Knowing that you need braces is something that you might just be putting off for a long time. The evidence is there even before you decide to get an orthodontic treatment done. There are many different reasons for getting braces and here are the most common. It is recommended that your children see an orthodontist […]

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