Eatables that you give to your child as breakfast cannot be packed as lunch. Reason – The child will not be interested with his/her lunch and will skip the same. Secondly, it is also possible that he eats only half of it or just a part of it and share all with his/her friends. In the latter case, you will not know if your child is eating well or not. So, the best way to avoid such situation is to wake up a bit early and then battle to make and pack lunches that are both nutritious and interesting for the kid. But it does not ensure if the lunches of the kid are teeth friendly.
Yes! As a parent you have to be conscientious about it and should ensure that your child gets to eat a lunch which is both healthy and also teeth friendly. This require a deeper understanding of what food causes teeth decay and how. You can also consult a dietician for the same or talk to your family dentist. Meanwhile, you can pick up these following 5 top tips and use them while packing a teeth friendly lunch for your kid.

Calcium Packed:

Cheese, milk and yogurt are some of the best things that you could think related to Calcium. But it is not possible that you send your kid with milk as lunch. Yogurt could be containing lots of sugar and yeah! Cheese can do but not every day. And thus we suggest that pick yogurt but without or little sugar. Cheese and other milk product that do not produce much sugar acid can be your alternative. This ensures that your kid get good supply of calcium through lunch and can grow strong. Plus his/her teeth will also remain healthy and strong.

Chew to health:

When you kid chew his/her food; saliva production increases and ensures that teeth are well cleansed with the produced saliva. And therefore, it is good to pack fruits like carrot, pears and apples. But, you should also make your child understand about importance of eating fruits. Else you might get the lunches back as you have packed them.

Vitamin C:

You child needs everything to grow. And so you have to pack his lunches wisely. You also should consider that whatever you choose is nutritious and is good to his overall health. All the more, it is also important that those foods should not trigger excess production of sugar acid, which eventually causes tooth decay. And therefore, it is a good idea to pack fruits such as oranges and other eatables that contain red pepper as an ingredient.


Eatables that are good source of protein and does not cause tooth decay are plenty and therefore, whether you pack chicken or turkey or tuna fish, your child will love the lunch.

What about dry fruits:

More often than not, people think dry fruits are a great source of nourishment for their kids. But, packing dry fruits for a lunch can risk the dental health of your child. Specially raisins are a known culprit and should be avoided as they contain more than 60% of sugar. This produces a lot of sugar acid and ruins the dental health of the child. However, dry fruits such as almonds and cashew will do a great job. But, will not make the child fill satiated. And therefore, you should better not consider dry fruits as a teeth friendly lunch option for your kid.

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