Have you ever taken a sip of chilled iced tea or a bite of warm brownie, or a slurp hot soup and experience a slight electric sensation in your teeth which could last for few seconds or more? In dental world this extremely painful and uncomfortable sensation is termed as “Sensitivity”.

Why do our teeth react to cold or hot sensations, and even sour or sweet tastes? Here are some of the most common reasons –

  • Extreme cavity
  • Change of toothpaste
  • Use of harsh chemicals for teeth whitening
  • Removal of teeth enamel
  • Recent treatments such as cleaning and fillings

Before adopting any single mode of treatment, it is important that you visit a reputed dental clinic in South Delhi to check for cracks, breakage or decayed tooth. All of this can harden the tissues beneath the enamel of the tooth resulting in extreme pain. Since, your oral cavity consists of microscopic nerve fibers, any form of crack or decay can result in exposure and eventually sensitivity.

How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity?

  • Start using Desensitizing Toothpaste

Tooth sensitivity is often established due to gum line recession and enamel abrasion. This can be treated with dental fillings. However, to avoid it in the first place, one can use desensitized toothpaste and soft bristles tooth brush.  These tooth pastes contains special ingredients which helps in diminishing sensitivity by filling channels in the dentin.  Try putting such toothpaste on cotton swabs or tip of your finger and spread it over the sensitive areas before you go to bed. Keep it for atleast 10 minutes before you gargle each night.

  • Using a Fluoride Rinse

Fluoride based rinses are available at n all pharmacies or local grocery stores. This is helpful for people who have plaque and decay problems. Consider rinsing your mouth thoroughly with such mouthwashes once a day. If you are not sure about the type of rinse to use, ask your dentist. Sometimes, people with strong sensitivity may require special fluoride gels with higher proportion of medical contents. People with CeramicCrowns and Bridges South Delhi should take prescriptions from dentist to avoid further sensitivity.

  • Keeping your Teeth Clean

Plaque that is formed on teeth produces acid which irritates teeth and produces sensitivity. This can be reduced by brushing daily, using a floss atleast once a day and keeping your teeth clean. It is thus also essential to treat cavities immediately. Another solution is the use of dental crowns Treatment Delhi that is one of the best ways to protect teeth and keep them healthy.

  • Brushing in the Right Manner

Avoid brushing with extra force or using different directions. This can damage the protective tooth enamel. When the gum line recedes, dentin gets exposed aggravating sensitivity. A light touch on the brush will allow bristles to move freely.

  • Avoiding Unhealthy Habits

Chewing tobacco causes gum decay and increases sensitivity. It decays teeth and affects the enamel. It is a major cause to sensitivity. Sucking on hard candy should be avoided.

Controlling eating habits and observing oral hygiene can protect teeth from facing sensitivity.


Sensitive teeth can prove to be quite problematic for people. Not only is it a rather painful condition to have, but its existence is often a sign of a bigger problem that demands immediate attention. Also, there is the disappointment of having to sacrifice one’s favorite foods since the simple task of biting into them results in significant pain.

It is thus important that you find effective tools and techniques to help you prevent and also treat possible tooth sensitivity. By eating healthy and following a healthy oral care regimen you can significantly reduce any form of tooth discomfort and move on to leading a normal lifestyle in no time.

This article discusses the various methods worth employing to minimize and prevent any form of sensitivity for your teeth. In addition to this, contacting your dentist is a great way to gain access to necessary treatments that help solve your issues.

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