While most symptoms and problems that you experience with your gums, teeth or mouth are seldom emergencies, it is important that you are able to assess when it is time to bring in professional help.

The following guidelines will help you understand various problems and recognize if you are ready for any kind of orthodontic treatment.

•    If your Tooth Gets Knocked Out
If you experience any permanent tooth loss, you may require an immediate evaluation since they can be re-implanted. If you are able to recover the broken tooth make sure you lift it by the chewing edge and not at the root. Gently rinse it and store it in a moist place. Placing it between your cheek and gum or in milk is ideal.

•    If you Break of Chip a Tooth
You will need to visit an orthodontic if you break or chip a tooth. Remember that the damage can vary in degree and the extent of it is the decision making factor with regards to your mode of treatment.

•    Misalignment of Teeth
If you feel that your tooth is knocked out of position or you have a subluxation (misalignment) visit a dentist in South Delhi as soon as possible. Your orthodontist may splint the tooth to expedite the healing process.

•    Lacerations
If there is any form of direct trauma to your mouth area such as falling, a blow or biting your cheek or tongue, there are chances of experiencing cuts or lacerations to your tongue, gums or cheeks. These cuts deserve immediate medical attention. While some may require stitches others may heal on their own with the help of some antibiotics.

•    Toothache or Pain
If you have a dental abscess or cavity in or around your teeth, you will require to get evaluated by a qualified orthodontist. Visit a dentist if your pain worsens, you get a fever, there is welling, pus or fluid draining from the area that pains, or if there is redness around that area.

•    Swelling of the Gums
If you experience any form of redness or swelling over the large area of the gums or the interior skin of your mouth, it is time to visit the orthodontists in South Delhi. Possible reasons could be dental abscess, gingivitis, or other gum or dental diseases.

•    Pain in the Jaw
Also known as temporomandibular joint syndrome this condition can occur due to a swelling or degeneration of the joint. If you experience pain next to your ear or a popping or clicking sensation every time the jaw moves, it is time to visit the orthodontist. You may be given a mouth guard or be simply treated with anti-inflammatory medicines. While this is not an emergency, depending on the severity of your case, you may require advanced treatments.

By instilling good dental care habits in your day to day life and by making sure you visit your dentist on a regular basis for general checkups you can significantly reduce the need to make visits for severe and dire conditions.

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