Orthodontic treatments are aimed to offer great set of functional teeth that are neither misaligned nor impacted. However, the sheer force used in the orthodontic treatment process rise suspicion on its negative impact. People, who favor correcting their teeth alignment naturally, believe that orthodontic treatments can cause a certain degree of harm. However, these are based on assumption that there has been negligence from the dentist while carrying out his/her duty.

Moreover, forwarding the same assumption, we too can examine some of the side effects of orthodontic treatment including the much concerned point related to weakness of teeth. To start with, we take example of braces and retainers as these have to be one of the most popular dental treatments worldwide. These as widely known are used to correct the gap and positioning of teeth in the mouth. After we examine braces and retainers and its negative impact, we will move on to other orthodontic treatments.

Braces and retainers:  As a matter of fact, even on negligent removal of the braces there is minor loss of enamel. And such loss are in no way harmful for the strength of the teeth; however, in some of the cases, if the nickel content is high in the metal used for making the braces then there are chances of metal poisoning. Then it is altogether a different matter since it is not due to orthodontic procedure.

Mouth Rehabilitation:  Some of the orthodontic procedures require extraction of tooth facilitating other teeth to get their required space. However, many times such tooth extraction can get painful and in some cases even TMJ has been reported. The condition of TMJ or damage to temporomandibular joint is believed to be a severe injury; however, it is not always that we come across such grave consequences of orthodontic treatments.

Tooth fillings:  It is quite common for people to consider visiting their dentist for their tooth filling. This process as a treatment help fill cavities caused due to bacterial damage and plaque buildup. However, never have we enquired about what matter is being used as the filling. In some of the cases, though not very recent, there have been reports of grave negligence amounting to severe damages to health of the people. Then, such problems are not related to modern times when dentist take every care to offer the best quality treatment using highly safe and approved products.

The weakness of teeth or other health impact that we examines under various popular treatments are based on assumption of negligence on the part of dentist. However, your dentist, with best equipment and great knowledge will certainly refrain from making any such negligence. And therefore, you should necessarily consult a dentist in South Delhi regularly and when need arises but the choice of dentist and the dental care avenue should be taken wisely.

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